TasteAtlas names Vietnamese noodle soup as best food
Update: Oct 25, 2022
TasteAtlas, a website that discovers ingredients, traditional dishes and authentic restaurants, has recently honoured Vietnamese noodle soup (Pho) as one of the 100 best dishes in the world.

Vietnamese noodle soup (Pho) has been named as one of the 20 best dishes in the world by CNN Travel.

According to TasteAtlas, Pho is the Vietnamese national dish, street food, comfort food, and more than that it is a way of life.

“It is also one of the most beloved Vietnamese dishes in the western hemisphere due to its complex, unique flavors, and elegant simplicity,” reports the website.

Although it is classified as a soup, Pho is served as the main course which is completely different from soup.

The traditional food is made with chicken or beef broth, where the bones simmer lazily for at least three hours until the broth is perfect.

“The addition of herbs and spices accentuates the flavours, and the chewy rice noodles, juicy beef slices, and crunchy sprouts elevate the dish to another level,” notes the website.

In April, Vietnam’s Pho ranked second in the list of 20 best soups in the world by CNN Travel. 

VOV - vov.vn - Oct 25, 2022