Ban Khieng: The breathtaking beauty of Lang Son province
Update: Sep 22, 2022
The stunning Ban Khieng waterfall is located in Na Mo village, Sam Son commune, and Ban Khieng village, Huu Khanh commune, in Loc Binh district, Lang Son province. The waterfall is one of the unique tourist attractions with majestic scenery typical of the beautiful Mau Son mountain region.

Long Dau stream, Bay waterfall, Ngoc Bich waterfall, Tien Nu waterfall, Ngan Tam waterfall, and Ban Khieng waterfall flow from the top of the Mau Son mountains, more than 1,000 meters, to the foot of the mountain, creating a beautiful and one-of-a-kind landscape. In recent years, Ban Khieng waterfall has become a must-see for tourists who visit the beautiful Loc Binh land every time.

Ban Khieng waterfall has a length of more than 1,000 meters and is divided into 3 sections separated by 3 waterfalls, each between 200 and 300 meters apart, with 2 to 8 meters in height. At the foot of the waterfalls are lakes with a depth of 1 to 2 meters. The bottom of the stream is rocky and covered with a layer of cobblestone. In the upstream area, there are large waterfalls up to 3 meters high, and the rest are small waterfalls.

Due to the narrow and steep waterfall, it has created this scenic spot with many waterfalls and rapids with clear spring water flowing from the cliff, combined with the primeval forest ecosystem on the banks of the stream, creating a beautiful waterfall system, hiding the magical beauty of nature. The scenic spot of Ban Khieng waterfall was ranked as a provincial relic by Lang Son in 2017.

Visiting Ban Khieng waterfall in any season of the year, visitors can always enjoy the peaceful relaxation, feel the harmony of the earth and the sky, and calm their soul in the middle of the pure wilderness of the forest, the mountains, and the beautiful waterfall.

Seeing the Ban Khieng waterfall, visitors will feel and understand the passion and creative processes of its renovators; when human hands and minds have succeeded in transforming the area’s wild features into attractive and professional tourist destinations. The area has a synchronous system of facilities and diverse and high[1]quality tourism products.

The harmonious combination of nature and human creativity, along with a sense of responsibility in preserving and promoting the natural and cultural values of the people here, will certainly leave visitors with many unforgettable impressions.

Ban Khieng waterfall is an ideal destination for those who love to experience new things; it's a place for extrovert personalities to enjoy the beautiful natural beauty of the mountains and forests. If you have a chance to visit Loc Binh, please remember to visit this scenic area to deeply feel the very beautiful features of the young and primitive region of northeastern Vietnam.

Hoai An

Vietnam Today - - September 16, 2022