Dish combining Vietnamese and US culinary culture wins blueberry cooking contest
Update: Sep 19, 2022
The US Blueberries – Vietnam Association has announced the winners of the cooking contest entitled ‘Create summer flavours with US berries’, with the first prize going to ‘pho’ (Vietnamese rice noodle) served with blueberry sauce, a dish that combines Vietnamese and US culinary culture.

Vietnamese ‘pho’ served with blueberry sauce (L) wins first prize at the contest. (Photo: US Blueberries – Vietnam)

The second prize was presented to the dish ‘Grilled Salmon with Blueberry Sauce’ while a panna cotta dessert with blueberry jam won the third prize.

The contest was launched by US Blueberries – Vietnam, the Hanoi Communication Association, and Megalink Company on the TikTok platform on August 10, aiming to boost cultural and culinary exchange between Vietnam and the US.

The event encouraged professional chefs and food lovers to create recipes using US blueberries.

The organising board received nearly 200 clips from young chefs and food lovers. The entries were evaluated based on many criteria such as creativity, cooking techniques, setting of the videos, and interactions from viewers.

Nhan Dan Online - - September 19, 2022
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