Precious artefacts of the Early Le Dynasty were introduced to visitors in Thanh Hoa
Update: Sep 14, 2022
An exhibition introducing precious artefacts of the Tien Le (Early-Le) dynasty (980-1009) was held at Lam Kinh Special National Relic in Tho Xuan District, in the Central Province of Thanh Hoa on September 13.

Visitors to the exhibition (

The event was jointly organised by the Thanh Hoa Provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Lam Kinh Special National Relic Management Board and the Thang Long – Hanoi Heritage Conservation Centre.

Nearly 300 documents, artefacts, posters, paintings, and photos on display, provided an overview of the roles and relationships of the capital Dong Kinh (Thang Long-Dong Do) and Tay Kinh, and the land of Lam Kinh (Lam Son-Thanh Hoa) under the Le dynasty.

“Dong Do-Thang Long” (Hanoi) and “Lam Kinh-Lam Son” (Thanh Hoa) are considered a chain of historical and cultural values formed by the ancient Dai Viet State, that needs to continue being preserved and honoured.

This was also the first-time people and tourists in Thanh Hoa could admire several precious artefacts of the Early Le Dynasty, found through the excavation of archaeological sites at the Thang Long Imperial Citadel in Hanoi.

The exhibition will run until September 30.

Nhan Dan Online - - September 13, 2022