Quy Nhon dubbed “Cancun of Vietnam” by travel writer
Update: Sep 06, 2022
Kylie McLaughlin, a writer of Traveller.com.au, has described Quy Nhon city in the southcentral province of Binh Dinh as being similar to Mexico’s coastal city of Cancun, apart from without major crowds.
Kylie McLaughlin, a writer of Traveller.com.au, experiences a five-hour luxury train travel to Quy Nhon on The Vietage (Photo: The Vietage)
The writer experienced a five-hour luxury train travel to Quy Nhon on The Vietage, expressing that the rail trip was among the most relaxing she had ever experienced.
“There's no panic about getting to the airport on time; no need for endless queues at the airport and the hassle of removing half your clothing at security; no delays. Nope, for the next five hours we are finally able to cast our eyes over the Vietnamese countryside (something else you can't from a plane),” she noted.
According to the writer, the train goes along at speeds of 60km per hour, allowing travelers to witness the fascinating life of rural Vietnam fly by. Sights include landscapes of verdant green dotted with white storks, patches of corn alongside grazing water buffalo, and backyards of houses situated in rural towns that are pressed right up against the train line.
“And in the last hour of the journey, a flash of blue sea and pristine white sands marks our approach into Quy Nhon. The towering Cham ruins give away that we've arrived at our destination,” the writer described.
McLaughlin stayed in private villa in Quy Nhon which was located right on the central city’s glorious seafront.
The Traveler writer took a tour of Quy Nhon which included those crumbling Cham edifices and sampling delicious Vietnamese coffee.
“There are spectacular views of the city which sits along a curved, narrow peninsula like Cancun, without the crowds,” she noted.
“Plus, we enjoy a local street food favourite of rice pancakes with shrimp and squid we posh-up with some BYO champagne,” McLaughlin concluded.
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