H’mong women preserve weaving techniques
Update: Jul 14, 2022
Making brocade products helps H’mong women not only preserve and bring into play the beauty of traditional culture, but also eradicate poverty.

The H’mong women’s technique of growing flax and weaving linen has been recognized as National Intangible Cultural Heritage by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Below are photos of the craft:

The first step of making a linen fabric is stripping and pounding the flax skin.

The simple looms that generations of H'mong women have used to weave rustic, durable, and beautiful linen fabrics which demonstrate the meticulousness and mastery of craftswomen.

Diverse patterns on fabrics recapturing the customs and life of the people

H’mong women weaving

H’mong women-made traditional products introduced to tourists across the country contribute to popularizing the aesthetic values of the H’mong people in particular and the cultural diversity of ethnic groups in Vietnam in general.

Translated by Song Anh


PANO - en.qdnd.vn - July 11, 2022