Eight marinas and tourist routes to be established on West Lake
Update: Jun 08, 2022
The People's Committee of Tay Ho District will invest in the management of eight boat terminals and waterways tourist routes according to the urban zoning planning in the West Lake area and its vicinity, while at the same time managing and organising cultural, sports and tourism services and related business activities.
West Lake will soon be exploited for waterway tourism.
The Tay Ho District Party Committee, the Departments of Planning and Investment, and the Department of Construction have just agreed to propose that the Hanoi People's Committee assign Tay Ho District to manage and exploit West Lake.
Specifically, the People's Committee of Tay Ho District will assume the prime responsibility for managing and organising the implementation of the following contents: management of the water surface of West Lake, including the roof of the embankment and the lake bed, to ensure water surface sanitation; working against encroachment on the lake bed; management of public lighting system; management and organisation of traffic at 11 roads and streets around West Lake; and management of aquaculture and exploitation of aquatic products and the water environment of West Lake.
Remaining areas, such as: management of lake water levels for drainage of the basin; management of the water drainage system and wastewater collection and treatment system; traffic safety; and accommodation facilities in the West Lake area, will continue to be managed by departments and agencies.
West Lake has an area of 527,517ha, with the circumference of the lake measuring about 18.9km. Technical infrastructure around West Lake has basically been completed in a synchronous manner.
West Lake was once the site of many yachts and was popular among tourists, but due to inadequacies in management, this activity was suspended.
The unified management of West Lake will help exploit the values and advantages of this famous scenic spot in the capital.
Nhan dan online - en.nhandan.vn - June 8, 2022