Walking in the middle of the ocean
Update: Jun 06, 2022
To experience the feeling of walking on the sea without any tools, visitors should come to island cluster of Diep Son in Van Ninh District, in the South Central Coastal province of Khanh Hoa.

Walking in the middle of the sea in Diep Son cluster of islands is a very exciting experience. (Photo: NDO)

Only about 60km from Nha Trang City, this destination is famous for its white sand road in the middle of the deep blue ocean.

From Van Gia Port, visitors can begin their journey by canoeing for about 15 minutes to Bip Island, the largest of its kind in Diep Son. The first impression is the simplicity of the scenery, with smooth sand and luxuriant shrubs. The fishing village has small houses and a row of bamboo huts for tourists. On the beautiful beach, visitors can see bamboo garbage baskets.

There are many other seas and islands with roads on the sea. However, Diep Son features two roads in the middle of the ocean, including a 400m sandbar that allows visitors to cross at any time. The second road is nearly 1km long and appear only at low tide, connecting the islands of O and Qua. Depending on the season, but usually from 6am, the road will reveal a 1m wide strip of white sand surrounded by clear seawater.

It is very exciting to walk on fine sand and watch schools of large and small colorful fishes swimming around. However, the road has existed for a long time and the surrounding water is quite shallow, so visitors can safely enjoy the rare pleasure of walking on the sea. For those who love camping in the wild, Diep Son is a suitable destination due to its long and flat coastline. In addition to walking and swimming, there are many services here such as kayaking, jet skiing along with other experiences including fishing, squid fishing and visiting nearby small islands. However, accommodation on the island is quite limited, so large groups of visitors must book in advance.

There are now many tours to Diep Son from Nha Trang, Quy Nhon or Phu Yen. The cluster of islands in Van Phong Bay is unique with its winding road in the middle of the ocean, making people feel like small pedestrians in the midst of nature’s vast magnificence.

Nhan Dan Online - en.nhandan.vn - June 5, 2022