Experience of going up to the forest and down to the sea on Cat Ba Island
Update: May 23, 2022
From Ha Long Bay to Lan Ha Bay in Quang Ninh Province, Cat Ba Island marks the end point of a voyage through rocky islands amidst unique natural heritages. Nature is “generous” on this island, bestowing countless miracles that make up the brand of the “pearl island” in the north.

Cat Ba island is a famous destination in Hai Phong City.

Standing on the road halfway up the mountain and looking down over Lan Ha Bay, visitors will see the cruises turning waves towards the shore. Dawn in Cat Ba often comes earlier than usual, with boats carrying tourists to explore the most beautiful bays and come ashore while the fishing boats of the fishermen on the island begin to set sail for the day. As part of Hai Phong, Cat Ba also has a hot and colourful summer with brilliant blooming red phoenix. On this vast rocky island, the red flowers on the shore mixed with the decorative colours of fishing boats enhance the beauty of the area.

In Cat Ba, a year is 365 days of experience. In the summer, this destination is considered a “paradise” for people who love the ocean. They can enjoy the delight of immersing themselves in the pure blue water, swimming, diving, kayaking, and taking boats to explore the Sang (Light) and Toi (Dark) caves and Khi (Monkey) Island. The beaches are surrounded by high mountains, so the waves are calm and white sand stretches along the shore. This is an ideal place for visitors to rest.

The winter is the peak season for welcoming international tourists, with the area’s natural resources bringing attractive and unique eco-tourism experiences during the cold months. Cat Ba National Park provides a rich "collection" of marine ecosystems, terrestrial forest ecosystems and mangrove ecosystems in a space covering thousands of hectares.

Amidst unspoiled nature, visitors can choose to cycle the 27-km-long road crossing the inland through many steep and winding passes, peaceful villages and the national park to experience going up to the forest and down to the sea on the pearl island. From there, visitors can ride the cable cars across the sea or take a ferry to Hai Phong City for a unique culinary itinerary.

Nhan Dan Online - en.nhandan.vn - May 21, 2022