Tourism in Loc Yen ancient village
Update: Apr 27, 2022
Loc Yen ancient village is located in Tien Canh commune of Tien Phuoc district (Quang Nam province). The village is cooperating with local authorities to foster the development of local community- based tourism.

Way to Loc Yen ancient village

There now exist tens of ancient houses that are over 100 years old in Loc Yen village.

The village was recognised as a national heritage in 2019. Since then, Loc Yen villagers have been trying to rebeautify their gardens in order to develop community-based tourism.

Till now, there have been 20 gardens built in green, clean, and beautiful models in Loc Yen village which work well, helping the locals improve their income.

According to Loc Yen villagers, community- based tourism can both increase the strengths of the garden economy and create jobs for local people through experience tourism model, homestay services, and OCOP products.

Coming to Loc Yen ancient village, visitors can learn about indigenous cultural values by taking part in local festivals, visiting ancient houses in the gardens surrounded by the fence of Acalypha evrardii and stone alleys.

Community- based tourism in Loc Yen village

Responding to the Vietnam National Year 2022, Tien Phuoc district has planned to develop local tourism. Accordingly, the district is preparing for the Loc Yen village festival, the mangosteen festival, putting OCOP shops into operation, and encouraging the development of homestays and restaurants.

Besides, Tien Phuoc is also planning for Loc Yen entrance ticket and building Lo Thung scenic stele. At the same time, the district has done tourism promotions on the mass media.

Moreover, the government of Tien Phuoc district focuses on rebuilding the Management Board of Loc Yen cultural and tourist village, making a website of Loc Yen ancient village, training tour guides, instructing the villagers to do tourism through the preservation and promotion of heritages and traditional cultural values.

Quang Nam News - - April 24, 2022