Chasing clouds and bathing in spring in Chieng Yen commune
Update: Apr 19, 2022
Na Bai village is a perfect location for chasing clouds and bathing in spring for visitors to Chieng Yen commune, which is dubbed “the sea of clouds” in the northwest region.  

Chieng Yen commune is dubbed “the sea of clouds” in the northwest region (Photo:

In Chieng Yen commune, clouds float in the middle of the sky all year round, sometimes they even fall on the horizon with the sun’s rays beaming in the peaceful Phu Mau valley, which is home to villages of the Thai and Dao ethnic groups.

Both located in Chieng Yen commune, Van Ho district, Son La province, Na Bai village and Phu Mau valley have become two rising destinations on the northern region’s tourist map.

There is a saying that “morning in Na Bai, afternoon in Phu Mau”, referring to the best time of the day to visit the two places.

Accordingly, visitors are encouraged to wake up early to engage in a trans-forest trek to admire floating clouds in Na Bai village. Every stop during the trek can win the heart of nature lovers thanks to its scenic natural beauty.

Tat Nang waterfall is like a white silk strip squeezing from the middle of the hill (Photo:

Trekkers can also explore the tranquillity of traditional stilt houses of locals, the stunning 100-metre Tat Nang waterfall, which looks like a white silk strip squeezing from the middle of the hill, or rows of green tea trees running to the middle of the sky.

In Chieng Yen commune, the communities of Dao, Thai, Muong, Kinh and H’mong are living together. Each village of each ethnic group in the commune has a typical feature of the community in harmony with other groups.

While Na Bai village represents the typical cultural space of Muong and Dao ethnic people, Phu Mau village is the living area of the Thai ethnic community. The difference in culture, traditional costumes, and customs among the ethnic groups make it attractive for tourists to Chieng Yen.

After a long day conquering steep mountain slopes, visitors can leisurely soak in the natural Bo Am hot spring at the foot of the mountain while taking in the peaceful scenery of rice fields in front of the spring.

Nhan Dan Online - - April 18, 2022