Binh Dinh Province stops Banh It Tower restoration project
Update: Mar 11, 2022
Vice Chairman of Binh Dinh Province People’s Committee Lam Hai Giang yesterday chaired a meeting with related departments and agencies, including Binh Dinh Province Department of Culture & Sports, Department of Construction, regarding the restoration project for Banh It Tower (located in Phuoc Hiep Ward of Tuy Phuoc District).

Binh Dinh Province authorities have commanded a halt to the restoration project inside the protection zone No.1 of Banh It Tower for further consultation from experts. (Photo: SGGP)

Having listened to a report from the Binh Dinh Province Department of Culture and Sports as well as concerns from related agencies and departments, Vice Chairman Lam Hai Giang delivered detailed direction.

Firstly, the restoration project investor must immediately halt any work being carried out on the site of Banh It Tower complex (including Cong Tower, Hoa Tower, Bia Tower, and the Main Tower).

Secondly, the Binh Dinh Province departments of Culture & Sports and Construction must take into consideration experts’ consultation to adjust designs related to these towers, such as eliminating the construction of flower beds right at the feet of the towers, fine-tuning the paving task for the ground around the towers to avoid negative impacts to these structures.

More importantly, the project investor must request construction contractors not to use machines inside protection zone No.1 of Banh It Tower. No digging or leveling job can be done here.

Thirdly, certain construction works like the functional area (service provision area, reception area, exhibition area, security booths, and toilets), the Southern way to the Main Tower, the 1,100m2 parking lot must be completed neatly one by one.

Construction units formerly used excavators to dig soil near Cong Tower. (Photo: SGGP)

Expert on Cham culture and history Dinh Ba Hoa shared that to be fruitful, functional agencies must carefully study this restoration project and take advice from heritage professionals specializing in Cham culture and history in Binh Dinh Province.

“In my opinion, there must not be any restoration work for Banh It Tower. Everything should be maintained the same. No concrete work is acceptable here. All jobs near the complex must be done manually. There should be investment to develop a functional area to welcome tourists and citizens only”, said Mr. Hoa.

By Ngoc Oai – Translated by Vien Hong

SGGP Online - - March 11, 2022