The meaning behind the LOGO “Visit Vietnam Year 2022: Quang Nam - Green tourism destination”
Update: Feb 25, 2022
(TITC) - On 23rd February, at the press conference of the Visit Vietnam Year 2022 - Quang Nam, Quang Nam Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism introduced the logo for the Visit Vietnam Year 2022. Thereby, the logo holds the message of the Visit Vietnam Year 2022 under the theme “Quang Nam - Green tourism destination” to bring joy and sublimation of emotions from green tourism and the colours of Quang Nam’s heritage.

Vietnamese version of the logo Visit Vietnam Year 2022

The design of the logo is based on the symbol, smile, boat, kite, beach and river; Expressing the cheerfulness and idyllic characteristics of the land and people of Quang Nam land.

In general, the logo exudes cheerfulness through the smile symbol, implying an event full of joy. Visitors will experience happiness, idyll but profound moments at the destination of the world’s cultural and natural heritage sites.

English version of the logo Visit Vietnam Year 2022

The symbols of Cau Pagoda, My Son Sanctuary create a highlight for the overall logo and send a message to domestic and international tourists about the destination of Quang Nam Province with 02 world cultural heritage sites.

In terms of colours, the logo appears under 4 main tones: green of nature (illustrated for green tourism); blue of the sea; yellow-orange colour represents cultural heritage; and red for culinary. These are also the main colours in the logo of Vietnam tourism, the tourism logo in 5 localities in affiliated groups: Quang Nam - Da Nang - Thua Thien Hue - Quang Tri - Quang Binh. The colour choice of the logo is inspired by the blend of the cultural and natural riches of Quang Nam land, at the same time shows the typical vividness of the colourful Visit Vietnam Year event.

The ideas to develop the logo

The application form of the logo is expressive, easy to recognise, easy to create on all materials and media.

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