Vietnamese photographer wins gold at international photo contest RGB 2021
Update: Jan 14, 2022
Vietnamese photographer Vu Manh Cuong has been awarded a gold medal at the RGB 2021 photo contest by the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP).

The photo "Afternoon on the Cat Ba Bay" by Vu Manh Cuong wins a gold medal at the RGB 2021 photo contest.

His aerial photo titled "Afternoon on the Cat Ba Bay" came first in the travel category. The photo features a panoramic shot of the bay with a vast array of eye-catching blue colours and floating cages serving as the highlights of the photo.

Other Vietnamese photographers also won a honourable mention in the contest, including Duong Duy Khang with “Ben thuyen Tam Coc” (Tam Coc Marina), Vu Manh Cuong with “Wayback 2”, Duong Vu with both “Feeding 3” and “Tinh phu tu 2” (Father Love 2), and Vu Hai with “Mu Cang Chai tourist site”.

The RGB 2021 international photo contest is organised by AvTvISO and is sponsored by the FIAP.

The contest involves four categories, including open monochrome, open colour, nature, and travel. It is open to both amateur and professional photographers from around the world.

The judges consist of excellent photographers from Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.