MOCST promulgating provisional guidance on piloting to welcome international tourists to Vietnam
Update: Nov 08, 2021
(TITC) - On 5th November, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism issued Document No.4122/HD-BVHTTDL on provisional guidance on piloting to welcome international tourists to Vietnam.

Pilot roadmap start in November 2021

The pilot will be applied to international tourists who use package tours, charter flights or international flights to selected areas and tourism establishments in Phu Quoc (Kien Giang Province), Khanh Hoa Province, Quang Nam Province, Da Nang City and Quang Ninh Province.

Requirements for international tourists (including oversea Vietnamese) coming to Vietnam

1. Vaccinate: Having a certificate of full dose of COVID-19 vaccine recognized by a competent authority in Vietnam (except for children under 12 years old traveling with parents or guardians). The duration of injection of the 2nd or 1st dose (for the 1 dose vaccine) is valid for 14 days and not more than 12 months from the time of departure. They can also have recovery from COVID-19 within 6 months or equivalent documents, issued by authorised agencies recognized by Vietnam

2. Negative test: Having negative COVID-19 certificates using RT-PCR/RT-LAMP method, issued by authorised agencies within 72 hours before departure.

3. Insurance:  Have health or travel insurance that covers COVID-19 expensive with minimum liability of USD$50,000.

4. Package tour: Using package tour of travel agencies.

Tour programs

Tourists have to choose package tour of international travel agency including information of flight, accommodation, tourist services and schedule (90 days maximum).

Day 0-1: Travel agency welcome tourists and transport to accommodation establishment. Tourists will be COVID-19 tested. If positive result, go to medical establishment.

Day 1-7: Tourists could join tour program, ensure compliance with “5K Message” and pandemic control measures by health authorities. Quick COVID-19 tested by themselves every 2 or 3 days.

Day 7+: If tourists receive COVID-19 negative test using RT-PCR/RT-LAMP method, they can visit other destinations that be allowed to welcome international tourists. Oversea Vietnamese would like to visit their family outside tour programme, they have to fill registration form and obey pandemic control measures.

Besides that, the provisional guidance also outlines procedures and processes related to personnel review, visa issuance, pre-flight preparation, immigration procedures and the process of tour program in Vietnam.

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