Ethnic market session to be reenacted in Hanoi capital
Update: Jul 02, 2021
A traditional rural market is set to run at the Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism throughout July in Son Tay town on the outskirts of Hanoi, serving to offer a fresh experience for tourists to learn more about the daily life of ethnic people in Vietnam.    
Visitors to the village will have the chance to take part in a rural market which displays indigenous specialties and authentic tourism products of the 13 ethnic groups which are participating in the event, including the Tay and Nung from Thai Nguyen province, the Mong from Ha Giang province, and the Khmer from Soc Trang province.
The cultural event will see over 100 ethnic people showcase an array of traditional songs and dances, thereby helping tourists to look into the traditional cultural heritage of 54 ethnic groups from across the country.
Throughout the event children can have fun taking part in folk games or trying to make handicraft products under the instruction of local artisans.
In addition, family camp tours and homestay tours are expected to provide a new experience to groups of families and elderly people.