Attraction of Caravan tourism
Update: Mar 19, 2021
The Hanoi Travel Association recently shook hands with the VGreen Sustainable Tourism Club and the Vietnam National Museum of History to launch the VGreen Caravan tourism programme, themed ‘The Northwest region in the blooming season of the bauhinia flower’.
Caravan tourism helps tourists freely explore nature and the local culture of the places they visit along the way.
Departing from the Vietnam National Museum of History, which preserves the treasured cultural and historical heritage of the country, the journey explores many places of interest along a route heading to the Northwest region during the bauhinia flowers’ blooming season, including Ngoc Chien commune (Muong La district, Son La province), Mu Cang Chai district (Yen Bai province), Tam Duong district (Lai Chau province), Dien Bien province and Hoa Binh province.
With nearly 30 cars and 150 participants, this is the biggest Caravan tour held in Vietnam so far. The tour marked the start of a series of VGreen Caravan programmes connecting the Vietnam National Museum of History with tourist attractions across the country, in an effort to create fresh cultural and historical tourism products.
Caravan tourism allow tourists to drive their own cars and travel in a group of more than two people through different areas, territories and countries. This not only provides tourists with comfort and flexibility during their trip, caravan tourism also challenges their driving skills and helps them freely explore nature and the local culture of the places they visit along the way.
By driving their own cars, visitors can time their journey suitably and have a break any time along the way to pose for photos, camp, join local festivals or take time to learn more about the life, culture and people of the local area, contributing to their unforgettable memories of the trip.
In particular, by joining the VGreen Caravan tourism programme, travellers are accompanied by medical workers, tour guides and supporters, ready to remedy any unexpected incident and attend to the health of each participant. Each place visited during the journey is previously surveyed by the organisers.
According to the Chairman of the Hanoi Travel Association Phung Quang Thang, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused travel restrictions, thus the trend of traveling in small groups of family members and friends has become a popular choice amongst tourists. In this context, caravan tourism boasts as one of its strengths the limiting of the number of participants in the same vehicle, winning much interest among visitors.
The increase of private cars and the incremental development of the Vietnamese road system in recent years as well as the richness of cultural and historical sites across the country and the enthusiastic involvement of travel agencies have provided favourable conditions for caravan tourism to develop further.
During the trip, caravan tourists are requested to observe all regulations on COVID-19 prevention and control while limiting plastic waste, and participating in charity activities, thereby raising their sense of social responsibility, boosting sustainable tourism and protecting the environment.
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