US funds 92,500 USD for Ho Dynasty Citadel conservation
Update: Sep 27, 2018
The Fund for Cultural Preservation of the US Embassy in Viet Nam has decided to assist 92,500 USD for conserving the Ho Dynasty Citadel, a UNESCO-recognised World Cultural Heritage site, in the central province of Thanh Hoa.  

The aid will be used to restore several items of the citadel.

Earlier, a working delegation of the fund made a fact-finding tour to the site and gave several recommendations on measures to preserve and promote the value of the heritage site.

The Ho Dynasty Citadel in Vinh Loc district was Viet Nam’s capital under the Ho Dynasty (1398-1407). The dimensions of the citadel, which was built in 1397, are 870m by 883m.

It is the only citadel in the country built entirely of stone that has remained nearly intact throughout the nation’s history.

According to experts, the structure is an outstanding example of a new style of construction for a Southeast Asian imperial city. It was recognised as a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO in 2011.