“Dragon-Phoenix on treasures of the Nguyen dynasty” exhibition opens
Update: Sep 10, 2018
An exhibition entitled “The Dragon-Phoenix on treasures of the Nguyen dynasty” commenced at the Hue Royal Museum of Antiquities at 3 Le Truc Street, Hue City, on September 7.  

Delegates cut the ribbon to open the exhibition

The exhibition is one of the activities to mark the 25th anniversary of the Hue Monuments Complex being recognised as the World Cultural Heritage, and the 15th anniversary of Vietnamese Court music - Nha nhac (Nguyen dynasty) being recognised as a Representative of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Co-organised by the Vietnam National Museum of History and the Hue Monuments Conservation Center, more than 80 antiquities are on display at the exhibition, including royal seals, royal books, ritual items, royal stationery and utensils for daily royal activities and royal ceremonies, and are made of precious materials such as gold, silver, gemstones, jade, and tortoiseshell.

The most typical ornamental patterns are the five-claw dragon and the phoenix - noble emblems of the monarchy, attached to the images of the emperor and the queen through the subtle material combinations of talented craftsmen.

The dragon-phoenix images were meticulously depicted, and are diverse in style and shape. These are priceless treasures that not only contain the historical, cultural and artistic values of an era, but also reflect the craftsmanship of the royal artisans of the Nguyen dynasty.

The exhibition is expected to run until December 5, 2018.

On the occasion, a book of the exhibition was also compiled and published to introduce the most splendid exhibits of the collection of royal treasures to readers.


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