Binh Thuan: Joyful activities to celebrate Cham people’s Kate festival
Update: Aug 24, 2018
The Cham Cultural Centre in Bac Binh district of Binh Thuan province will host a range of joyful activities on October 10 to celebrate the Cham people’s traditional Kate festival.  

Cham people celebrating Kate festival

A programme honouring Cham folk arts and a display of objects featuring Cham culture will be held at the centre, while ethnic Cham artisans from Bac Binh, Tuy Phong and Ham Thuan districts will play Saranai trumpet, make ginger cakes, and prepare offerings to ancestors.

Visitors will have an opportunity to join traditional Cham dances such as Biyen, Chron, and Balaiy and explore two traditional crafts of Cham people: weaving and pottery making.

According to the Cham ethnic calendar, the seventh month, which falls at the end of September and early October) marks the beginning of the Kate festival, an occasion for them to worship their ancestors and gods.

Being observed as one of the most important festivals of the Cham community, the festival also conveys people’s wishes for bumper harvests and the growth of all beings.


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