Colourful container hostel in Quang Binh attracts visitors
Update: Aug 16, 2018
Visitors nationwide are attracted by a container hostel service in Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh province as they love its versatility and eye-catching interior décor.  

Why not hostel

“Why not hostel” sets itself apart from other conventional hotels as the rooms are constructed only by using containers. This is also the first container hostel in Vietnam, bringing fun to every vacationer.

"Why not hostel" has 22 rooms

Anh Dung, a visitor staying at a container hostel, expressed his surprise at the convenience of the service.

“I always associate container with simplicity, yet this container hostel is different. The bright, fun colours really catch the eyes and rooms are fully-furbished as well,” Dung said.

Meanwhile, other visitor, My Linh was curious how containers can be reused and turned into hostels in such a creative way.

Container hostel offers full service to ensure vacationers feel convenient 

Making use of the abundant amount of containers, Hoang Nha Trang, the hostel owner, has spent a year trying to turn his dream into reality. The hostel has a total of 22 rooms. Moreover, he also uses discarded items to turn them into decorations.

“The idea of creating this hostel is that I want to make use of discarded items and turn them into something useful,” Trang said.

Inside a container hostel

The rooms are well-equipped with fridges and air-conditioners, to accommodate visitors with the best experience.

“Why not Hostel” is living up to its name and making itself a tourist attraction in the city of Dong Hoi, Quang Binh province.