Diversity of Central Highlands’ culture introduced at ethnic village
Update: Jun 05, 2018
The Viet Nam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism, in the Dong Mo tourism area of Son Tay town in Ha Noi, is hosting a series of activities introducing the cultural diversity of the Central Highlands region this June.  

Gong performances are an indispensable part of the programme 

The programme has attracted the participation of people from 12 ethnic groups, including Ta Oi, Co Tu, Raglai, E De, and Khmer, among others.

The programme introduces visitors to folk songs and lullabies of the ethnic people in the Central Highlands region, as well as the making of their traditional musical instruments and cloth weaving.

A cooking contest, gong performances, sporting events and folk games are also indispensable parts of the month-long event.

Notably, children visiting the village can register for a free training course on experiencing the Buddhist monastic life. 

During June, a number of traditional festivals of ethnic groups will be held in the village, such as a new house warming ceremony by the Cham group from Ninh Thuan, and the ceremony of brotherhood and longevity celebration by the Ede people in Dak Lak province.