Exchange programme tightens Viet Nam-Myanmar cultural links
Update: May 02, 2018
A Viet Nam-Myanmar cultural exchange programme was held recently at the National Theatre of Yangon, offering local audience many performances reflecting the two countries’ traditional culture.

Officials and artists of Vie Nam and Myanmar
pose for a photo at the cultural exchange programme

The event was co-organised by the Vietnamese Embassy in Myanmar, the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture of Myanmar, and the Viet Nam Artisan and Trademark Association.

The programme, featuring performances by nearly 2,000 artists, was to mark 43 years of Viet Nam-Myanmar diplomatic ties (May 28) and one year of the comprehensive cooperative partnership (July 2017). It was also an activity to implement the joint statement issued in the official visit to Viet Nam from April 19-20 by Myanmar State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi.

In his speech, Myanmar Minister of Religious Affairs and Culture Aung Ko said the event followed the successes in bilateral cultural cooperation in 2017. It also demonstrated ASEAN members’ people-to-people connectivity and mutual understanding.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Myanmar Luan Thuy Duong emphasised that the programme was part of the two countries’ efforts to promote cultural cooperation and people-to-people exchanges, thus helping to enhance their comprehensive cooperative partnership and realise the cultural cooperation programme for 2017-2020.

She also highlighted the meaning of the performances introducing three UNESCO-recognised intangible cultural heritage of Viet Nam, namely the practices related to the beliefs in the Mother Goddesses of Three Realms, Vi and Giam folk songs, and Quan ho (love duet singing) of Bac Ninh province.

The audience were also impressed with performances imbued with the two countries’ national identities, including fan dance with Vietnamese music by Myanmar artists and a traditional song of Myanmar sung by the two countries’ artists.