Royal ritual prays for bumper crops, prosperity
Update: Mar 28, 2018
A royal ritual Le Te Xa Tac (Worshipping the Genies of Rice and Soil) was held in the central province of Thua Thien-Hue on March 27 to pray for bumper crops and prosperity, attracting a large crowd of tourists and local people.

(Photo: Internet)

Le Te Xa Tac used to be one of the most important rituals conducted by kings of the successive feudal dynasties every spring to pray for abundant crops and peace. 

The ritual comprised of two parts: a procession and the worship ceremony. Departing from the Ngo Mon (Moon Gate), a group of people playing the roles of the King, his court and soldiers will perform all steps of the ritual at the Xa Tac Worship Platform. 

The Worship Platform was built in the west of the citadel in the spring of 1806 during the reign of King Gia Long, the founder of the Nguyen Dynasty. It included soil from regions around the country to represent national unity at its imperial capital. 

The ritual was revived in 2008 and has been held in spring every year as part of the efforts to preserve traditional cultural values in modern life.