“Getting lost” in an ancient Northern village
Update: Mar 14, 2018
About 50km to the east of the capital city of Ha Noi, an ancient village offers both locals and tourists a peaceful space with green, moss-covered roofs, curved roof of a communal house whose color fades over time. It is Duong Lam in Son Tay Town.

Walking along brick roads to contemplate the village, you are certain to find your mind wandering back to your childhood which was close to a banyan tree, a well and a communal house’s yard. With the surprises that the village has promised to bring to you, the ancient village of Duong Lam is well deserving of your visit.

The village is home to hundreds of traditional houses. The oldest one is 400 years old with many of these ancient houses built with laterite and their entrances shaped like a basket handle.

The 380-years-old house owned by Duong Thi Lan’s family used to belong to a former Son Tay educational officer. This quite intact house has five spans with two wings. Lan’s family has preserved the house carefully, even before it is recognized as a national art and architectural relic by the State. At present, Lan is attaching her life to and looking after the house though her relatives live far away from Duong Lam.

Visitors are advised to visit local villagers, such as Kieu Anh Ban, to enjoy wonderful time in old houses, drinking green tea and listening to the history of the houses. From stories told by the locals, tourists could learn more about the architecture of the house, the daily life as well as other typical cultures of the locality, including the worshipping culture.

Besides, each home device, such as old tea chest, and pole also tells tourists about different stories of local people and culture.

Enchanted with old houses, visitors could experience other services in the village, such as homestay, trying on four-panel traditional dress of Vietnamese women or straw hats and savoring local dishes.

It is stories told by each banyan tree, the well, old house and hospitability of the natives that make Duong Lam ancient village attractive and memorable.