Lai Chau works to keep ethnic culture alive
Update: Feb 02, 2018
Lai Chau is a mountainous border province in the northwest of Viet Nam with more than 80 percent of its population being ethnic minorities, creating cultural diversity.  

A market of ethnic people in Lai Chau

It is home to many tangible and intangible heritage items such as stilt houses of Thai and Mong ethnic people, brocade weaving, ‘dan tinh’ (handmade gourd lutes), ‘hat then’ (then singing), ‘mua xoe’ (circle dance) and gong festivals.

Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Tong Thanh Hai said the province has outlined measures to raise public awareness of preserving traditional cultural values and call on organisations and individuals to engage in the field.

The locality has supported the preservation of ethnic languages and encouraged the collection, compilation, translation and classification of ethnic literature, art, scientific works, oral literature and folk songs.

It also maintains good traditional customs and promotes creativity in community-based activities while eliminating backward ones.

Head of the culture and information office in Than Uyen district Hoang Thi Lieu named traditional festivals that have been revived such as ‘le cap sac’ (maturity ritual) of Dao ethnic people, ‘le cau phuc’ (happiness praying) of Mong ethnic group, circle dance and gong festival of the Thai ethnic group and the traditional Tet holiday of Mong people.

The festivals demonstrate the local aspirations for favourable weather conditions, peace, health and growth, she added.