Fortuna offers virtual reality tour
Update: Oct 13, 2017
Fortuna Hanoi Hotel is the first hotel in Ha Noi to utilise the cutting-edge technology of 360-degree video to entice potential visitors.

The 3D Virtual Hotel Tour takes guests past the Capital Lounge,
guest rooms, spa, fitness centre and swimming pool

Guests can take a 3D Virtual Hotel Tour through guest rooms, the Capital Lounge, spa, fitness centre and swimming pool. These videos give guests more information and, industry-wide, are changing the way they select hotels.

“Before even stepping foot on the property, guests will be able to view guest rooms, VIP lounge, and amenities, as if they were there in person,” said Albert Leong, General Manager of Fortuna Hotel Hanoi. “Fortuna is the first mover in this effort, and we know our guests and our hotel will benefit from this game-changing technology.”

While impressive on desktop, tablet and mobile, the full effect of the 3D format is best realised with a VR headset. When seen in this way, 360-degree video can deliver the kind of immersive experience that has been promised by decades of hype.

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