Viet Nam luxury tour at an affordable cost
Update: Sep 20, 2017
Indochina began to attract travellers, often backpackers, some time ago. The wider tourism industry took a little longer but such is the quality of the experience, history, culture, cuisine, people and natural environment that it is no surprise that Viet Nam’s visitor numbers have been increasing year on year, and last year exceeded 10 million for the first time. There is something for everyone, and for every budget, so that a Viet Nam luxury holiday is readily available.

Good Viet Nam travel agents have a number of tour packages that they have put together that are genuine value for money. Luxury does not have to mean a price that is out of range for ordinary people. A Viet Nam luxury tour is definitely worth considering.

You have several alternatives when you look at Viet Nam. Ha Noi is one of the most popular cities in Asia currently and there is quality accommodation that will satisfy the most discerning of guests wishing to stay a few days to explore all the city has to offer. Likewise, Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Sai Gon, is the commercial hub of Viet Nam and has a 21st century feel to it, as well as still retaining much of its historical and cultural past. If you are looking for 5 stars here on your Viet Nam luxury holiday, there is plenty of choice.

Experienced tour operators in Viet Nam offer Viet Nam tour packages where clients can select the accommodation alternatives depending on your budget. It is worth bearing in mind that the cost of many things in the country is lower than many other countries, certainly in Europe, North America, Japan and Australasia. It means that a Viet Nam luxury tour is likely to be cheaper than it would be in those countries and more.

The internal transport network in Viet Nam is well-developed and efficient. Domestic flights connect major cities while road and rail run north to south linking many of the highlights of the country. While you cannot expect to find a 5-star hotel in the remote parts of the Northern Highlands, you can travel in comfort and enjoy the wonderful scenery en route and once you reach your destination. Likewise, if you head east to the UNESCO World Heritage site that is Ha Long Bay, you can book a boat to spend time in the Bay, one, two, even three nights, and get a level of comfort and service to match your stunning surroundings.

Viet Nam has an extensive coastline, well over 3,000 kilometres with plenty of great beaches and luxury resorts springing up to cater for the increased demand from overseas tourists and the growing Vietnamese middle class. If you want to relax in a luxury resort and watch the sun go down with a glass in your hand, you can do so. It is just a matter of talking to a good Viet Nam travel agency and plan an itinerary together.

If you balance all the historical and cultural attractions of the country with its lovely natural environment then your Viet Nam luxury holiday will be all that you have expected and more leaving memories for a lifetime; and it need not cost too much.

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