French TV produces film to promote Viet Nam tourism
Update: Jun 29, 2016
(TITC) - With the cooperation and assistance of Vietnamese Embassy and Cultural Centre in France, the correspondent group of French television - Echappees Belles has finished the reportage film about Viet Nam titled “Les sourires du Vietnam” (Vietnamese smiles).

The film with duration of 1 hour 30 minutes brings viewers the stunning images of landscapes, country and people of Viet Nam. The film opens with the image of green rice fields stretching to the horizon and buffalo herds grazing leisurely in the peaceful scenery of the countryside. This is the typical image of Viet Nam rural areas. Then, with the impressive and beautiful scenes, the film takes viewers to discover many attractive destinations of Viet Nam, thereby affirming Viet Nam is innovating and developing day by day. The film ends with the scene of the author goodbyes Viet Nam and promises to come back soon, which leaves a lot of emotion for viewers.

The film shown on French 5 Television on 18 June 2016 attracted 956,000 views, with a rating of 4.6% in France. The film was also uploaded on the website of Echappees Belles France 5 atées-belles and youtube of Echappees Belles at

“Les sourires du Vietnam” is expected to contribute positively to promoting Viet Nam tourism to international friends.

Thu Giang