Xuan Dai bay - Heavenly scenery in Phu Yen
Xuan Dai bay was recognized as a national landscape relic by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2011. Not only does it have a beautiful landscape, it is also a testament to the history of formation and development of Song Cau town, Phu Yen province
Travel Off Path: 5 reasons why travellers visit Vietnam
(TITC) - Vietnam owns diverse landscapes and jaw-dropping sights, with a long standing history. The country nestles in Southeast Asia has steadily gained international popularity. Travel Off Path recently listed…
Pu Sam Cap – top caves in northwestern mountains
Pu Sam Cap, a group of 10 caves, is dubbed the “top caves of the Northwest” for its pristine, mysterious beauty which is especially attractive to adventurers.
Conquering the enchanting Ta Lien Son Peak
The captivating landscape, pristine primeval forests, and lush vegetation of Ta Lien Son Peak beckon adventurous souls, both from within the country and abroad, to embark on a thrilling journey amidst nature’s grandeur.
New check-in hotspot in Quang Ngai Province
The flower capital of Nghia Ha commune in the Central Province of Quang Ngai is blooming brilliantly, attracting hundreds of tourists to visit and save beautiful images.
The Ritz Herald: Discover 9 hidden gems in Vietnam
(TITC) - New York News Agency The Ritz Herald published an article suggesting 9 lesser-known places in Vietnam.
Explore Dien Bien, the heroic land
(TITC) – The year 2024 marks a series of important events in Dien Bien Province, especially the Visit Vietnam Year - Dien Bien 2024. Let’s explore a number of spots that visitors can pay a visit to get to know about this heroic land of Vietnam.
Ha Long Bay and Sa Pa (Vietnam) are World’s Trending Destinations 2024
(TITC) - Travelers’ Choice Awards Best of the Best announced 25 World’s Trending Destinations voted by a high volume of above-and-beyond reviews and opinions from their community over a 12-month period on TripAdvisor. Ha Long Bay ranked 3rd and Sa Pa ranked 5th in the list.
Everyday life in Vietnam in the eyes of German writer
In comparison with Vietnamese writers, how does a foreign observer describe Vietnam’s rivers, markets, motorbikes, pho, and draft beer? Renowned contemporary German poet Jan Wagner provides a fascinating answer to that question in his book “Vietnamese Postcards: An everyday life in Vietnam”.
Phu Yen tops list of gorgeous Southeast Asian destinations
The southcentral coastal province of Phu Yen took the lead in the list of gorgeous Southeast Asian destinations tourists should visit this year, as announced by The Star website of Malaysia.
Bui Hui Plateau – A hidden gem for nature lovers
Bui Hui Plateau has emerged as an idyllic camping destination, offering expansive hills and vast stretches of lush green grasslands that extend to the horizon. It is an ideal location for organizing outdoor activities, perfect for those who relish exploring nature’s wonders.
An Giang: Many new tourism products to serve tourists
 An Giang is entering the peak tourism season of Spring 2024. Unique and attractive tourism products are also being offered by tourist areas, destinations, units and businesses to attract and retain tourists.
Quang Ninh through the eyes of paragliders
Quang Ninh boasts the world heritage site of Ha Long Bay, wonderful terraced fields, and majestic mountains. Nothing can be better than seeing such great sceneries from above, in the midst of a vast and immaculate space.
10 tourist spots not to be missed in Ho Chi Minh City
(TITC) - In December 2023, Ho Chi Minh City has announced lists introducing 100 interesting things divided into 10 categories . And here is the list of the 10 interesting tourist spots not to be missed in Ho Chi Minh City.
The enchanting beauty of Tia Stream (Lam Dong)
Tia Stream beckons to travelers seeking an untouched destination to immerse themselves in and appreciate the wonders of nature.