Updated Oct 6, 2017
San Marino tourism promotion program in Viet Nam
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Overview of the program
(TITC) - On 3 October 2017, in Ha Noi, Viet Nam Tourism Association in collaboration with Ministry of Tourism and Transport of the Republic of San Marino organized San Marino tourism promotion program to contribute to strengthening tourism cooperation and visitor exchange between Viet Nam and San Marino.

The program had the attendances of Mr. Vu The Binh – Vice Chairman of Viet Nam Tourism Association, Mr. Augusto Michelotti – San Marino Minister of Tourism and Transport; Ambassador of the Republic of San Marino in Viet Nam; Vietnamese tourism enterprises and press agencies.

Mr. Vu The Binh emphasized that the number of Vietnamese outbound trips has been increasing in recent years. He expressed the hope of boosting visitor exchange between Viet Nam and the Republic of San Marino; at the same time desire San Marino’s government to create favorable conditions for Vietnamese visitors to San Marino.

At the program, San Marino Minister of Tourism and Transport introduced San Marino is an enclave surrounded by Italy, situated on the northeastern side of Apennine Mountains. The country covers an area of over 62km² with population of about 32,000 habitants. Despite of being one of the smallest countries in the world, San Marino has a history of thousands of years and is dubbed as the oldest republic. San Marino has focused particularly on tourism development based on the advantages of cultural value, history, natural landscape, cuisine, etc. One of the famous destinations of this country is San Marino Historic Centre and Mount Titano recognized as World Heritage site by UNESCO since 2008. Besides, the country also attracts visitors by the magnificent and ancient beauty of palaces, fortresses and architecture buildings; its attractive cuisine; modern system of accommodation, restaurant, transportation; etc. Every year, San Marino welcomes more than 2 million international visitor arrivals from all over the world.

In the discussion, Vietnamese tourism enterprises raised many questions related to visitor exchange between the two countries, especially the issue of visa granting for visitors to San Marino. According to Ambassador San Marino in Viet Nam, San Marino is negotiating and working with Italian government to facilitate for Viet Nam visitors to apply visa to San Marino.

In the coming time, Viet Nam Tourism Association will continue coordinating with San Marino Ministry of Tourism and Transport to implement tourism promotion programs, fam trips, etc to strengthen tourism cooperation and visitor exchange between the two countries.

Thu Giang

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